Our Team

All of our therapists are experts in their fields bringing a wealth of knowledge to the Clinic and our clients. They work as a team to ensure that you choose the optimal therapy or combination of therapies for your particular health needs. Our client-focused approach and compassion will help you achieve a healthier you.​

Tara Huddlestone

Clinic Director & RMT

Tara is the new driving force of Palmer Massage Therapy Clinic as The Clinical Director.

Tara is a graduate of The Institute of Complementary and Alternative Therapies.   She also has a Diploma in Sports Management and is Certified in Therapeutic Ultrasound, TENS Machine, Sports Massage Therapy, Spider Tech Kinesiology Taping and Hot Rock Therapy.

She has an extensive background in athletics including participation at The Provincial Level, Coaching, Exercise Program Development and Event Coordination.

As an experienced RMT Tara is fully committed to helping and supporting clients in achieving their goals towards optimal health and balance.

Cristina Puiu


Cristina graduated from Sutherland Chan in 2008 and is trained in Swedish Massage, NISA, deep tissue Myofascial Release, Hydrotherapy and, Craniosacral Therapy Level1.

She has provided massage in physiotherapy and massage clinics and in spa settings and has experience working with conditions such as high-risk pregnancy, Parkinson's and Cerebral Palsy. Using a variety of techniques including massage and remedial exercise, she aims to correct, improve and maintain a healthy state of body and mind for clients.

Jinyan(Diana) Jin


She graduated from the 2200 hour Massage Therapy program and is an active member of the College Of Massage Therapists of Ontario. She specializes in therapeutic massage using both Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Techniques. Since 2010. Her goal of helping everyone who comes to see her is still her goal today. Her clinical experience includes treating different conditions that are related to stress, overuse, posture and injury, including neck/ back pain, muscle spasm, pregnancy, muscle strain/sprain, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, headaches, scoliosis, sciatic nerve pain, pirifirmis syndrome, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Diana has done additional training in the use of ultrasound and tens machines therapies, as well as the application of hot stone massage for chronic muscle stiffness and full body. 

Rachel Wills

RMT & Reflexologist

My professional passions and ambitions are to hold a healing space that provides health and wellness, physically and mentally.  I strive to provide care specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual.

A 2018 graduate from the Canadian College of massage and hydrotherapy, Holt school of natural healing, where I studied reflexology and energy healing.

2021 I’m currently studying cranial sacral therapy, which is a gentle non invasive massage that works with the cranial bones, the spine and the sacrum. This therapy relieves stress in the body and balances the flow of cranial sacral fluid.

Our minds and bodies are not separate, the effects on one impacts the other.

I value the provisions of a continuous therapeutic approach of balance for the mind body and soul.

Deanna Emmerson


Deanna received her diploma from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy in 2012 and has been a practicing  Registered Massage Therapist since 2013. Deanna is primarily a deep tissue therapist. Her area of specialization is in chronic complaints of the upper body. Some particular focus points in Deanna's practice include chronic

headaches, neck pain and stiffness, upper back soreness, shoulder pain, and soreness of the arms and hands. Deanna is especially skilled at targeting stubborn “knots” in the neck, shoulders and upper back, especially those that are a result of chronic postural dysfunction. Deanna’s work is typically slow, deep, methodical and specific.

She will often use trigger point release, percussive techniques, and assisted stretches, and is always happy to suggest some home-care options to further improve your outcomes. Deanna believes that with patience, even a very deep massage can be relaxing for the client. Creating a restful therapeutic

experience for you is always her goal

Lorna Nelson


    Lorna is a graduate of Bryan College, and has been practicing massage therapy for 7 years. She enjoys helping people achieve and maintain a pain-free lifestyle, and uses various massage techniques along with Hydrotherapy to assist her clients in achieving their goals. Lorna looks forward to upgrading her skills in Myofascial Techniques and Reflexology in the near future in order to further enhance her clients’ experience

Lidia Palmer


Lidia Palmer was the driving force of the Clinic and a Registered Massage Therapist for over 22 years. Lidia has recently retired from the profession and passed the clinic over to a long time therapist – Tara Huddlestone!