Our Team

All of our therapists are experts in their fields bringing a wealth of knowledge to the Clinic and our clients. They work as a team to ensure that you choose the optimal therapy or combination of therapies for your particular health needs. Our client-focused approach and compassion will help you achieve a healthier you.​

Tara Huddlestone

Clinic Director & RMT

Tara is the new driving force of Palmer Massage Therapy Clinic as The Clinical Director.

Tara is a graduate of The Institute of Complementary and Alternative Therapies.   She also has a Diploma in Sports Management and is Certified in Therapeutic Ultrasound, TENS Machine, Sports Massage Therapy, Spider Tech Kinesiology Taping and Hot Rock Therapy.

She has an extensive background in athletics including participation at The Provincial Level, Coaching, Exercise Program Development and Event Coordination.

As an experienced RMT Tara is fully committed to helping and supporting clients in achieving their goals towards optimal health and balance.

Nicola Havenga


Graduating from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2010, Nicola has gone on to work in a variety of different settings. From multidisciplinary clinics to luxury hotel Spa’s in Canada and South Africa. She has done additional training in Deep Tissue Massage as well as Fascial Release techniques.

Her experiences have helped her grow a lot as a therapist to find a style of massage between relief and relaxation.

Dragana Stosic

RMT & Reflexologist

Dragana is a dedicated and driven Registered Massage Therapist and certified Reflexologist whose mission is to improve the holistic wellbeing and quality of her clients’ lives by fostering the harmony between mind and body. Her prior and ongoing experience in the medical field, including having completed the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and Medical School at the University of Nis, has added to her passion of healing the human body. In her previous experiences, Dragana’s empathic nature and repertoire of medical knowledge have successfully guided her diverse range of clients through a multitude of challenges. Considering that clients seeking Massage Therapy are interested in relaxation, recovery, or a combination of both, she is confident in her ability to deliver on clients’ specific needs in accordance to their individualized circumstances. Individuality is of particular significance to Dragana’s practice as she recognizes the uniqueness of each and every client, allowing her to engage in a professional analysis and develop the perfect combination of techniques to cultivate the best therapy for her clients. Dragana’s priority in her practice is to help her clients reach their maximum potential, whether that involves aiding in their physical recovery from injuries or helping them restore their natural balance by reducing or eliminating any stress or pain that creates barriers from living a healthy and high-quality life."

Annette Dunlop


Annette is a graduate of Sutherland Chan’s School and Teaching Clinic (2014).

Her education in Massage Therapy (Diploma) and Biology (HBSc) has given her a foundation of knowledge. The lived experience of healing from many injuries and treating others during their healing process fuels a curious, empathetic process. She is continuing her education through courses in Somatic Experiencing (Beg 1-3, Int 1) and visceral manipulation (VM1 with Barral Institute).

Annette believes in the healing power of the body. She strives to discover with each unique client what feels good and healthy to them. She also seeks to share her understanding of movement and holding patterns, introducing clients to unconscious parts of their body in order to treat connected pain and tension.

Annette enjoys diversity in her practice as treatment focus ranges from soft tissue injuries, pain syndromes, to deep relaxation. She uses a range of techniques (Swedish massage, myofascial treatment, stretching, joint mobilization) as she caters to each person. She provides a safe and sensitive space for clients with anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

Lidia Palmer


Lidia Palmer was the driving force of the Clinic and a Registered Massage Therapist for over 22 years. Lidia has retired from the profession and passed the clinic over to a long time therapist – Tara Huddlestone!