Fascial Stretch Therapy​

FST is a pain free, traction based, passive stretch that helps provide long lasting results in the body. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones, joints, organs, nerves, veins, and tissues that keep things connected and allow "Slide-and-Glide". Stress, poor patterns, injuries, and habits can make Fascia tight, dysfunctional and cause compensation, repeating injuries, pain, and a-symmetry through the body. Together we meet the body with a gentle approach and explore mobility with communication, trust, and ease.

Angela incorporates Meditation and Breathwork during FST sessions to help the body and mind relax and let go. She focuses on Yoga and Rehabilitation exercises to educate & empower each client on their specific needs to stay strong, balanced and pain free.

Benefits of this treatment:

Helps reduce muscle tension and risk of injury

Helps reduce stress from the body, mind, and soul

Enhances athletic performance and recovery

Increases muscular strength and endurance

Increases flexibility and mobility

Helps with posture and alignment

FST is an effective therapy that can help with conditions such as tight hips, rotator cuff injuries, headaches, poor posture, plantar fasciitis, knee tracking issues, muscle strains, chronic pain, pinched nerves.

FST is for EVERYONE. It was first familiarized with athletes, but it showed to be beneficial to anyone who needed more mobility, flexibility, and pain relief.